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Hebei Harzone Co.,Limited

Changjiang No.1, Tianshan industry park, High- tech zone,

Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

Tel: 86-311- 68036027

Fax: 86-311- 89928980

Email: hbharzone@163.com

Website: http://en.hbhzyj.com


Company Profile

Company Profile

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Hebei Harzone Co., Ltd. is a high-tech  enterprise which specially supplies technique solution service for metallurgy industry especially steel rolling enterprise.

We have 2 factories and 13 design engineers who develope products according to the market trend. Our main products include:

Barcode label and tags for steel product(metal and PET)

Barcode management system for finished steel warehouse in rolling mills

Rebar automatic counter

Tag clips for steel packing

CD welding stud and machine to fix labels to the steel product

Expendable thermocouple tips for molten steel

Oxygen probe for liquid steel

Hot water circulating pump

All of these products have solved the disadvantages of Chinese steel enterprises, and have improved the working efficiency, decrease the production cost of our customers.

Beside these, our products are expanding to other fields, like logistic, packing, idustry, etc.

Packaging and identification is your company's business card. Our products could give you the perfect solution for your packaging, and enhace the impression from your customers. Providing reliable marking products and excellent service is our eternal aim.

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