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label printer


label printer

Product description

label printer

BG serial CNC label printer; intellectual printer


Harzone’s BG CNC label printer is combined mechanical and electric high-tech product. It can print on aluminum, tin plate, plastic etc materials. Print words are roughness pressed, font nice and reliable. It can automatically put label, adjustment, fix, cut, alarm etc, obviously improve the printing efficiency and reduce the labor working force.

It can improve the enterprises impression and competition ability. Therefore it is widely used on steel wire, steel rope, shape steel, steel bar, steel pipe, steel plate etc. It is the best choice for steel enterprise marking

BG CNC label printer mainly includes following two parts:

Hardware performance:

Input electric: 180-240v/50Hz/ 50A

Appearance dimension: 530×690× 320mm

Printing speed: 300pcs/minute (customer adjustment)

Letter specification: 2× 3mm, 2.8× 4mm, 3× 4mm (none-standard letter can be also made)

Letter type:

a. 26 capital letters

b. 14 lowercase letters (a b c d e g l k m n o r t u)

c.10 Arab letters (0123456789)

Software performance:

a. Adopt windows system, suit for all type labels and all letter combination

b. Label format and printing contents can be set based on different requirement

c. Letter position and printing space and pitch can be adjusted

d. Continuously print can be realized, printing quantity and interval time can be set

e. It has communication function, it can transfer the data with electric balance, network equipment etc.

f. It has database management function, and can realize label info automatic save and check, the data static and report can be generated automatically.


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