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Electric double-layers lock air valve

Electric double-layers lock air valve
Electric double-layers lock air valve

Electric double-layers lock air valve

Product description

Electric double-layers lock air valve



Type: C942W-1.
Mouth diameter: DN150-800
Nominal pressure: 0.1MPa
Applicable temperature: ≤ 300 ° C
Suitable medium: dust materials
Leakage rate: ≤ 1.0%
The amount of dumping of ash: 6 ~ 58m ³ / h
Structural characteristics and uses:
The valve also known as lock air feeding machine, suitable for building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, etc, as ash hopper discharge device of all kinds of dust removal equipment and unloading and loading device of various kinds of grinding machines, dryers and other equipments, to prevent the wild wind. The double discharge valve is designed and manufactured on the basis of sintering equipment at home and abroad, and compared with other forms of double discharge valve has the following advantages:
1, discharge smoothly;
2, sealing performance is stable and reliable in use, and the valve sealing performance is proportional to the system negative pressure, the greater the system negative pressure, the better the sealing performance;
3, the double discharge valve can work under the condition of emptying inside the bin;
4, the double discharge valve adopt hard and soft seal form between valve head and valve seat, the seat equipped with wear-resistant, high temperature resistant rubber ring, is suitable for use under the condition of sintering machine, belt cold machine, ring cold machine and other large airflow dynamic sealing under high negative pressure;
5, the valve opening is bigger, close tight, valve mouth not easy to block;
6, the valve is equipped with the buffering mechanism, valve head close with no impact on the valve seat, the valve operates stably.
This double discharge valve has the following parts: the upper and lower valve body, motor reducer, gear reducer drive arm, counter weight, guide plate, and buffering mechanism, valve head, valve stem and so on.
Upper and lower valve body is made by welding box shells, all connectors are used rubber pad for sealing, the valve stem with a stuffing box, packing for the graphite packing, Upper and lower valve body with manhole.
Motor part adopts electrical machine to drive the cycloidal pin wheel reducer, depending on transmission rocker installed on the speed reducer output shaft to guide plate structure to make drive valve head open, then using heavy hammer automatically shut valve head down. Upper and lower valve head alternately open and close at work, keep the system and the performance of the seal gas and intermittent feeding, to maintain the pipelines pressure to work normally

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