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Three-way switching valve

Three-way switching valve
Three-way switching valve

Three-way switching valve

Product description

Three-way switching valve



Type: SQ643X-1
Mouth diameter: DN1000-2600
Applicable temperature: ≤ 250 ° C
Su Applicable mediumitable medium: gas and toxic, flammable, harmful gases
Structural characteristics and uses:
This valve is used in steel-making system in the iron and steel metallurgy industry, flue gas emissions and gas recovery for the converter used in conjunction with a water seal check valve. Also can be used for ventilation and dust removal of the iron ore the sintering, smelting, cement, chemical, power generation and other industries and environmental protection projects.


Form of butterfly valves, the valve has a flow resistance is small, open and close quickly and flexibly, and compact structure.

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