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Water seal check valve

Water seal check valve
Water seal check valve

Water seal check valve

Product description

Water seal check valve




Type: SNF648

Mouth diameter: DN1000-2600

Applicable temperature: ≤ 250 ° C

Applicable medium :gas and toxic, flammable, harmful gases

Structural characteristics and uses:

Gas water seal check valve converter gas recovery system in order to prevent gas recovery during non-recycling flow back into the three-way switching valve and smoking Fan Duct is indispensable equipment to ensure safe operation of the converter gas recovery system. The valve and the bypass valve, three-way switching valve interlock supporting the use and form a complete converter gas recovery system. Suitable for steelmaking furnace gas recovery system as piped water seal special equipment.

The water seal check valve consists of the valve body of the tank, smoke pipe, the arc valve plate, valve shaft, level alignment, level alarm, rocker arm, connecting rod, solenoid valves, air vacuum filters and other components. When the the water seal check valve is closed, driven by dual pneumatic drive means, so that the arcuate valve plate is rotated 110 degrees around the valve shaft, so that the arcuate peripheral edge of the valve plate completely penetrated the water, while the the smoke duct cover in the arc valve board after the water level downstream cut off the gas channel open, water seal effect. Open water seal check valve, the the arc valve plate rotation out of the water, gas pipeline flow is the valve open. Switching action of the water seal check valve and three-way switching valve interlock action, converter gas recovery system gas work, three-way switching valve recovery side of the butterfly valve (main valve) opens, the water seal check valve will open; When the gas quality standards, converter gas recovery unit to stop recycling gas, water seal check valve is closed, and three-way switching valve recovery side of the butterfly valve (main valve) turns off. Prevent the backflow of gas recovered.

Two limit switches the valve is mounted on the valve body induction electrical position feedback signal, in order to ensure the reliability of the water seal check valve and three-way switching valve action chain. Remote automatic control switch, the switch can also live stand-alone operation. As a result of the water level seal, the valve, the water level is essential, water seal check valve installed water level gauge and water level alarm system, to monitor the water level and the water seal check valve has a water supply device, when the the sealing water level is lowered (valve water shortage) automatic water level alarm system sender water supply installations. Therefore has a safe, and reliable. The valve welded structure, its structure is simple, unique manufacturing assembly process. To reduce the switching valve torque, increased closing speed, curved on both sides of the valve plate of the configuration with heavy hammer, the valve has a flexible switch and switching speed. The valve to work properly in low temperature conditions, set the steam heat pipe in the tank.

Feedback information according to the use conditions, the water seal check valve design, original valve body lumen volume increase, so that the volume of the water seal water level increases, when the valve is closed, the water level inside and outside of the arcuate door difference small, causing the water seal water level is relatively higher and more full GB6222-2005 the industrial enterprises Gas Safety Regulations "standard" effective height of the water seal for gas calculation pressure of at least plus 500mm provisions.


According to the water seal check valve switch is used frequently shaft seal can easily leak this feature, the shaft seal structure highlights the particularly important in this design, the sealing structure in the form of the packing liquid glue sealing a combination of double insurance, to ensure the reliability of the shaft seal. Its structure works as follows: on the basis of the original shaft seal, the increase in a cavity around the valve shaft, and injected into the cavity to a viscous liquid glue glue hydraulic fluff fiber material, when the rotation of the valve shaft part of the floc shaped fiber wrapped around the valve shaft rotates together with the valve shaft to form a gap rotating layer, end play is eliminated, the sealing performance more stable and reliable.


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