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Cold vent valve


Cold vent valve

Product description

Cold vent valve

Type: FS943W-4
Mouth diameter: DN400-1700
Nominal pressure: 0.25,0.4 MPa
Applicable temperature: ≤ 250 ° C
Applicable medium: cold
Structural characteristics and uses:
The valve also known as butterfly relief valve, cold air pipe for hot blast furnace system, meet for furnace air volume regulation, easy to the excess cold wind valve leaked mouth into the atmosphere.
The valve drive mode: manual (hand wheel, pull the lever, manual wire rope hoist, or manually sprocket plus turbo reducer); electric (actuator, worm gear and electric winch); hydraulic (hydraulic cylinder).
Valve as a whole welded valve plate using inclined plane structure, good sealing effect. Valve plate and the completion of the upper piston interlock off and relief action. Deputy precision machining relief piston seal, low friction, reliable work. The valve relief side can be installed the muffler.

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