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Closed flapper valve

Closed flapper valve
Closed flapper valve

Closed flapper valve

Product description

Closed flapper valve

Type: MF941X-2.5
Mouth diameter: DN600-3600
Nominal pressure: 0.05,0.1,0.25 MPa
Applicable temperature: ≤ 250 ° C
Applicable medium: gas and toxic, flammable, harmful gase

Structural characteristics and uses: the valve is fully enclosed shell design, and additional nitrogen protection when operating gas does not leak out. The use of electric or hydraulic actuator driver release, the clamping valve plate sliding switch. Valve plate with free-hanging system is flexible and reliable; sealed with a device and multi-point clamping form, good synchronization, and high reliability. On both sides of the valve body housing a manhole. Pressed transmission mechanism sprocket, chain, trapezoidal thread, screw assembly for simultaneous bidirectional compression. The left and right-handed trapezoidal thread screw synchronization pressed advantages; small starting torque, thread Vice self-locking valve sealing off gear, reliable board mobile hard fouling meet the dust, poor lubrication conditions, poor working conditions occasions. The valve ground explosion-proof control cabinet can be configured to control the implementation of the on-site control and remote connection to the PLC system.


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