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Blind plate valve

Blind plate valve
Blind plate valve

Blind plate valve

Product description

Blind plate valve

Type : F943X-2.5.
Mouth diameter: DN300-2000
Nominal pressure: 0.05,0.1,0.25 MPa
Applicable temperature: ≤ 250 ° C
Applicable medium: gas and toxic, flammable, harmful gases

Structural characteristics and uses: blind plate valve also known as a the fan flap valve, glasses valve, mainly by the left valve, right valve, fan-shaped valve plate, stainless steel bellows, turning device, clamping devices and other parts. The valve body with three-point locking fan-shaped valve plate structure. Sealing parts made of stainless steel and rubber seals, sealing performance, long service life, seals located at the gate, easy to maintain and replace the seals. Operating a variety of ways to choose the form of manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric hydraulic, electric. The company produces smooth, blind plate valve start, reliable action. Clamping mechanism clamping screw nut, self-locking. Blind plate valve has a stainless steel bellows, scalability, and long service life. The valve ground explosion-proof control cabinet can be configured to control the implementation of the on-site control and remote connection to the PLC system.


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