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Pneumatic quick cut-off valve

Pneumatic quick cut-off valve
Pneumatic quick cut-off valve

Pneumatic quick cut-off valve

Product description

Pneumatic quick cut-off valve


Type: KD643H-6
Mouth diameter: DN200-1400
Nominal pressure: 0.25,0.6 MPa
Applicable temperature: ≤ 250 ° C
Quick opening time :1.5-3 seconds
Applicable medium: gas and toxic, flammable, harmful gases

Structural characteristics and uses:

Fast shut-off valve is one of the types of actuators in automatic system, is composed of double pneumatic actuators, receives signals adjusting instruments, control fluid cut-off, switch-on or switch in the process pipeline. It has the advantages of simple structure, sensitive reaction, reliable operation, etc. Widely used in coal gas, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas and other combustible gases.


(1) Linking with the combustible gas leakage monitoring instrument, when the instrument detects combustible gas leakage, automatically shut off the main air valve and cut off the gas supply, in a timely manner to prevent malignant accidents.

(2) Linking with limit temperature and pressure safety controller of heating equipment, when the temperature and pressure of the testing point within the equipment exceeds the limit of the set value, automatically quick close the gas supply valve, and stop the supply of fuel.

(3) Linking with the high-rise building fire alarm system, when building on fire, cut off the building gas supply, and prevent gas explosion.

 (4) Set up in the factory or in the city's gas supply network, centralized control in central control room, by remote control quickly close pipeline gas supply of the accident scene.


Pneumatic quick cut-off valve leaves out the special hydraulic station, its power supply is 0.4-0.6 MPa gas source, with small installation space and low cost.


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