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The gas gate valve

The gas gate valve
The gas gate valve

The gas gate valve

Product description

The gas gate valve

The gas gate valve is installed on all dirty and clean gas pipelines as closed circuit equipment, mainly uses as open/close control of gas pipeline in metallurgy, coke, coal gas, chemical companies.

The gas gate valve is wedge double gate valve ram with low surface machining accuracy requirements to sealing face wedge angle, easy to seal, the temperature change is not easy to get stuck and abrasions, the maintenance of sealing surface after wear is convenient, but the structure is more complex, parts are more, the valve shape and weight are bigger.

Features:1The gas gate valve body is equipped with discharge holes at the bottom, easily to eliminate dirt. Inside the body, medium channel is straightway, it doesn't change the direction of flow when medium through the gate, so flow resistance is small. Medium flow any direction from both gate sides, it can achieve the goal of on or off.

2gas valves are all rising stem gate valves, the stem drive disc along to lift, screw thread on valve stem lays outside of the body, therefore, according to the movement direction and location of the valve stem, can visually judge gate opening and closing and location. And transmission thread is easy for lubrication and doesn’t suffer fluid corrosion, but it requires a larger installation space

Performing standard  

1), “the common valve flange cast iron gate valve”, GB/T 12232-2005

2.“the general requirements of steel valves [1]”, the GB/T 12224-2005

Installation and maintenance should be paid attention to:  

Hand wheel, lever and the transmission mechanism are not allowed for lifting, and collision is forbidden.

Double disc gate valve should be installed vertically (that is, the valve stem in a vertical position, the hand wheel at the top).

Before open, the gate valve with a bypass valve should open the bypass valve (to balance pressure difference on import and export, and reduce the opening force).

Install gate valve with drive mechanism, according to the regulations of the product instruction manual.

If the valve switch often uses, do lubrication at least once a month. Gate valve products are: gas gate, electric gate valves, gas Z942W - 1.5, city gas rapid opening and closing valve, manual valve, gas electric gate valves, gate valves, anti-explosion electric gate valves, explosion-proof electric gate valve, Explosion-proof electric gate valve. Flameproof electric gate valve, electric anti-explosion gate valve, electric explosion-proof gate valve, electric flameproof gate valve, intelligent electric valve, adjustment electric gate valve, intelligent integration electric valve, integration electric gate valve. Coal mine use electric gate valve, mine electric gate valve, electric gate valve factory, Electric hard seal gate valve, electric soft-sealing gate valve, hard seal electric gate valve, electric soft seal gate valves, electric rubber gate valve, rubber lining electric gate valve, electric stainless steel gate valves, electric cast steel gate valves, stainless steel electric gate valves, cast steel, electric gate valves, electric cast iron gate valves.


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