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Oxygen Probe

Oxygen Probe
Oxygen Probe1
Oxygen Probe
Oxygen Probe1

Oxygen Probe

Product description


Oxygen Probe


Oxygen Probe

Oxygen Probe (TOS) is used in open-hearth furnace, converter and refining mainly furnace, vacuum stove with in various steel-making stove molten steels, the scene of temperature and oxygen activity measures.

The key part of oxygen probe is oxygen half-ceel, which is researched and developed by our company independently. The outer dia.of the paper tube is 381mm, and the tube thickness is 10mm.The total length is 1300mm or 800mm.

Temperature measuring:

1. Range: 1450~1750°C

2. Tolerance: 3°C

3. Measuring Time: <4s

Oxygen activity measuring:

1. Range: 1~1000ppm

2. Tolerance: >150ppm, 5ppm <20ppm, 0.5ppm

3. Measuring Time: <5s

Oxygen electrical potential measuring:

1. Range: -300/+350mv

2. Tolerance: 2mv

3. Measuring Time: <5s

According to the different type of probe, the probe can be divided into R and S type.



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