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Product description

label lock



Tag Attaching Clips

Designed for attaching tags to strapping on bundles or coils of products

Easier and faster than using wire to attach tags

BG tag clips are ideal for attaching metal tags securely to your product. Compared to using simple wire, they are a more safe and durable way to attach tags to bundles or coils of industrial products for inventory and transportation uses.

By self locking on the clip, the product label is locked on the clip, therefore the anti-fake is realized. The product has applied for patent, patent no: ZL0620024034.5.

Product Characteristics:

1. It avoids the tag missing or falling problem.

2. One time use and can not be used repeatedly. This could achieve the aim of anti-fake.

3. It has an unique locking mechanism which is operated easily, no extra tool or operator is needed.

4. Quickly installed but not easily deblocking

5. High tensile strength; Non-flammability

6. Customers’ logo is able to be printed on the clip

7. Working temperature: -60degrees~150degrees

8. High resistance to acetic acid, sulphuric acid, corrosion, etc.

9. Anti-fake, prevent the replacement of the identification tag by other manufacture

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