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Rebar Counter

Rebar Counter
Rebar Counter

Rebar Counter

Product description

Rebar Counter


Rebar Counter


This machine is developed by our engineers for on-line rolling and bundled bars to inspect and spot-check the quantity of bars. The instrument adopts the principle of machine vision by industrial camera, collect the end face of the bar, and then analyse and calculate by the machine vision software to obtain the accurate quantity. This technique could greatly reduce the rebar counting error rate, reduce the measurement objection loss, help enterprises improve product packaging quality and measurement accuracy.

Working theory:

Steel bar counting machine uses industrial camera and professional LED flash to obtain clear image of the end face of the bar bundle. The trigger mode can select manual or automatic trigger sensors to take photo for steel bar end face, transmit the photograph to Industrial Personal Computer(IPC), the machine vision software of the IPC will apply the method of denoising, filtering and identifying such complex ways to handle the photograph to get the quantity of the steel bar. Calculate the correction values after comparing the calculated quantity and the setting quantity. The calculated quantity and the correction value will be transmitted to the on-site large screen to let the workers confirm, if the value need corrected, there will be light and sound alarm.

See the following wroking procedure

Function setting:

1. Accurate counting

2. Alternation for automation and manual operation

3. Rebar size selection

4. Light and sound alarm when need error correction

5. Data memory and dispay, can be connected with ERP system

Performance parameter:

1.Working voltage: 220VA/50HZ

2.Counting time: <1 second

3.The distance of video camero and the bar end face: 1-2 meters

4.Distinguish size range: ¢8~¢180mm error rate: 0.5‰

5. ¢12~ ¢40mm error rate: 0.2‰

6. ¢40~ ¢180mm error rate: 0

7. Rebar retraction range: ±5cm

8. Applied temperature: -30~+50

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